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Co-authored with Andrea Palašti
Digital prints – the work consist of 100 photos; dimensions: 14.4x18cm

Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other. Normally, when one looks at an object or an image, both eyes simultaneously focus the point of central eyesight. However, if both eyes aren’t balanced in their movement, phenomena like double images and confusion may occur. Strabismus (squint, lazy eye, crossed eyes) is pretty obvious in most of the portrait photographs in the new Serbian passports. After a series of name and passport changing, in 2009. Serbia started issuing new biometric passports which no longer bear the name “Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”. The new biometric passports have a red cover with a biometric passport symbol at the bottom, and it is similar to those used in countries of the European Union. By this change, Serbia is closer to the security measures listed by Schengen requirements, which will eventually lead closer to the European Union.