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I was walking by the barracks every day and I wondered: “What’s it like in there?” Military is not obligatory for women, so I wasn’t threatened by it. That’s why you could say that all about barracks represents a challenge.
              I was attracted by those military facilities and their distance and unavailability. My desire to go where ever I want put the camera in my hands and brought me here – in the army – a place reserved for “the stronger sex”.
The realization of the work represents some sort of an action, an entry into a military facility, recording of it all, and the photos themselves are a final document.
              My work is an attempt to give clothes to previously generated mental images. Before I stepped into the barracks’ interiors I had a mental representation of how could it look. A place where a man’s sense of order, symmetry and place comes in its naked form. “Yes, sir!” is in every corner. Interiors are really something. Many people were there. They spent a significant amount of time in there, actually. They slept there, they ate there, spilt their sweat, blood and tears, gained their memories… Still the coldness of walls gives an impression of emptiness. Like no one has ever been there. Everything is awfully cold. Walls are just dead witnesses of the space they surround.