Visceral Landscapes

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“Visceral Landscapes” represent notes on a transformation, taken at a specifically sensitive period of my life, related to preparations for motherhood, for the birth of a new life. 

The project has been initiated as a search for a place, which led to the disclosure that one can become a place itself, for another, for self. An addition to life’s purpose brought about a new viewpoint. From a centerpoint within, one looks outside again. This shift of perspective is a tipping point that can be perceived as kind of a ground zero in time, bearing a retention in one intimate space, a place in a small piece of forest next to the river Tisa. There has been a recognition of the forest within oneself. 

Landscape as a mirror.
Landscape as Tisa’s gaze.
Landscape as a double gaze.
Landscape as a haven.
Landscape as a twofold haven.

“Fragments of nameless and endless space become an anthropological place only when people inscribe meaning in it with their activities, their history, myths, religious practices, science, and art, or just everyday routines. . However, if there is a shift towards a more individual focus, even to the extent of creating a private history through our actions and experiences, we may be able to identify turning points in our lives that we understand or simply feel as enlightening or significant.These moments, which can sometimes change our lives, are even more dramatic and significant when they intersect with existing artistic practice.“

Silvia Dražić about Visceral Landscapes